Pasang Emas

A unique royal game


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31 Oct 2011: New theme

There is a new theme called "Fragrance" available as a separate download.

4 July 2011: German translation

Pasang Emas 3.1.0 has just been released. This release includes a German translation kindly contributed by Markus Enzenberger. This release also features additional traditional patterns, minor cosmetic enhancements and minor bug fixes.

8 July 2010: Network play

Pasang Emas 3.0.0 has just been released. With this release, you can now play Pasang Emas with your friends across the network.

You can host the game server by running pasang-emas-server from a terminal. Currently the game server does not perform any authentication (anybody can join the game). So, the network feature is currently only suitable for "private" arena, such as a lab, a hall or a train compartment.


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Developed using:
GNU tools,
GNOME tools,

Other project:
Mutiara Motif Designer